Sunday, 22 May 2011

Fresh as a summer breeze

I know many of my readers are big fans of not just Shepherd's Bush but the general sprawl that is London so I wanted to draw your attention to the blog Fresh Eyes on London. In the same vein as London Daily Photo and Tired of London, Tired of Life this blog dishes up a daily photo of our unique city with a neat little anecdote or in the case of Tired of London, Tired of Life, inspiration of what to do. There are hundreds, if not thousands of things in London I am yet to do or see and it's almost humbling to be reminded of this in my Google Reader and to consider one or two of them.

Source: Fresh Eyes on London
Though I don't think Mo (not my flatmate!) who pens Fresh Eyes on London has featured the Bush (yet!), her most recent post struck a chord with me. She points out that although we're a city of over 7 million busy people, London itself is essentially a jigsaw puzzle of villages and town like communities. I certainly think this is made true by Shepherd's Bush where I have discovered a strong sense of community and a fighting spirit to preserve this. This is made clear by places like the Masbro Centre and by campaigns like the recent battle to save our village hall.

For any Monopoly enthusiasts out there, Fresh Eyes also did a recent series of posts focused on London Monopoly locations which I found fascinating. Bizarrely I grew up playing the Paris version of Monopoly and so whenever I played on a London board I was enchanted by these names of places I actually knew or at least recognised. I have since seen a Monopoly for most cities I've visited and I certainly think a Monopoly for Shepherd's Bush is possible... so tell me which roads would be our Old Kent Road or our Mayfair?


  1. Mayfair has to be Brook Green.
    Stations are obvious.
    Utilities should be QPR and Empire.
    Old Kent Road is The Walkabout.
    Oxford St = Westfield

  2. Excellent start... I think the top end of Goldhawk Road would suit Bond Street (all the fabric shops) and I think the Uxbridge Road end of Askew Road could easily be Trafalgar Square due to the traffic and busy crossroads...

  3. I read Hartswood Road had the most valuable houses in W12 on it so maybe that should be Mayfair given Brook Green is technically W6?