Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Feed me, feed me now...

Returning home to the Bush on Sunday (after my hen weekend trip in Brighton) and dragging my suitcase, aching liver and battered dignity behind me, a sudden cannibalistic hunger clawed away at my insides. I also predicted that a very expectant but empty fridge would need replenishing and it was beyond all doubt that I needed some all-important vitamins, preferably washed down with a litre of saline solution. However, I had very, very few pennies to spend on all the above. What to do?

If I lived in Notting Hill, off the Kings Road or maybe in Primrose Hill, this conundrum of needs would be a true challenge. In Shepherd's Bush this is no feat at all, even with a hangover and splitting headache.

Thanks to Damas Gate (my favourite place on Uxbridge Road) I was able to stock up with essential groceries (you know, semi-skimmed milk, Special K and a family size bag of bombay mix) as well as picking up a small bucket of olives and a delicious to-be-self-assembled-falafel wrap lunch, which has provided enough leftovers for yesterday and today. All for well under £8.00.

I'm not sure how well it would sell the Bush to potential visiting tourists, but Shepherd's Bush really is the best place to live when you are hungover, hungry and broke.

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  1. Oh I did the most amazing Big Shop in Damas Gate yesterday. Perfect platter of Baclava fro £1.09? Don't mind if I do. Tinned cheese, olives, turkish coffee and a pineapple.