Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sound of Da Police?

This was always NewMan's choice of song for Shepherd's Bush. Yes he's a cheeky wotsit, but admittedly he has a point.

After hearing about a(nother) drug bust in the Bush via the brilliant Shepherd's Bush Blog and Bush Twitterati member Chris Hampson wondering if this song was a good song choice for my LP competition, I actually realised that in general the brilliant song and lyric suggestions I've had so far have all been positive. I'm sure there's a few songs out there that make you think of the Bush for the wrong reasons? Or is it really just NewMan?

As always I embrace accept the bad as well as the good of Shepherd's Bush and likewise I will accept this in the competition.

Read this post to find out more about the competition and leave a comment if you have a song that reminds you of Shepherd's Bush, for good or less good reasons. (I am hiding the comments until competition is over so people aren't put off submitting duplicate songs). You could win this...


  1. A friend of mine, who may or may not live in a gorgeous art deco block somewhere on the Shepherds Bush Road, had a boyfriend who called Shepherds Bush rather ungraciously 'the roundabout'. Bear in mind this chap had designs of retiring to the country with labradors, country walks and roaring fires and you can only slightly begin to understand his misunderstanding of the delights of the bush.


  2. Haha, so it would seem that not all boyfriends that visit addresses on Shepherd's Bush Road are fans of the Bush, though at least mine doesn't lust after labradors (!), country walks or log fires... NewMan just says the sirens hurt his ears. Bless.
    But the "Roundabout" how very dare he!??
    Bird x

  3. Willy Mason We Can be Strong because it's the best gig I've ever been to at Bush Hall and we walked back from there to the Green singing it at the top of our voices!