Saturday, 16 April 2011

The soup, the soup, the soup... Shepherd's Bush Market Carrot and Coriander Soup

I'm not sure it will compete with the New Covent Garden Food Company but I think it's worth blogging about because this is what you can make with some of Shepherd's Bush Market's finest offerings.

I made this carrot and coriander soup with ingredients bought from Shepherd's Bush Market for a grand total of £1.60, which is ridiculously cheap when you think about the prices you pay in supermarkets for either vegetables or indeed for soup itself. It made enough for four portions and is certainly fresher than anything that comes in a carton, even if the carton says fresh on it.

I had bought these veggies, got them home, washed, chopped, cooked and blended them ready to eat all in well under an hour. I only used one red onion (I actually only asked for two. I can only assume the third must have slipped in as the flat-capped and barbour-jacketed stall holder winked at me) and didn't really need all that coriander but I know that between Mo and I it will be eaten up. We love coriander.

Now I'm no Nigella (my breasts are no way big enough) but I do like the idea of sharing simple, easy recipes so here goes. To make the soup I also used a tablespoon-ish of olive oil, vegetable stock, seasoning and a few teaspoons of ground coriander.

I will let my camera explain what you do with all the above:

Simmer chopped onion in olive oil.

I add ground coriander at each stage; as you simmer onions, with the carrots and finally stir in once blended.

Add chopped carrots and vegetable stock

Let it boil and simmer away

When carrots are mushy, blend away.

Add seasoning and chopped coriander.

Orange as!
You can of course sieve the soup to make it less chunky, but I have always preferred baby-food texture soups. I must say that adding cream or even chopped cheddar (try it!) goes along way in carrot soup, however today I am being a good girl (i.e. I'm on a boring diet).

I don't think I maximise the market and its offerings enough when I'm in a cooking or baking mood so I will be heading there again for more ingredients and inspiration soon. Recipes or soup suggestions are welcome...


  1. carrots are my new thing, it has taken me a long time to realise that when you are having a healthy/ boring dinner a carrot can really give a bit of density and fill you up. This soup sounds lovely though and not at all boring- which is why I live off soup in the winter- because it's both good for you and filling- I always struggle in the summer though to find a replacement

  2. All I can add to that is nom nom nom :)