Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Skinny Love

Dear Blog Readers, in my recent post about Goldhawk Road I admit I failed to include one of the road's most interesting and indeed recently famous buildings. I was rightly pulled up on this by one of my beloved Bush Twitterati and many other informative and interesting tweets ensued. The building and the subject: the skinniest house in London, and one that most long-term Shepherd's Bush residents will know about.

Source: Faded London
It took me a year or so to work out that this strange black thin door and modern-art-exhibit-esque window were not for a secret art gallery or late night cabaret-bowler-hat fetish club. In actual fact, and at the risk of letting down my overactive imagination, it is for a two bedroom terraced house. However, my fascination has remained and when at the end of 2009 the property was actually up for sale the national press picked up on the property's unique slimline dimensions and were given a behind the keyhole peek. I'm not sure how quickly it sold but I cherished the opportunity to nosey at some pictures of the inside of this property which at it's thinnest is less than 6ft wide, so thought maybe you'd like to see them too.

Aside from the bedroom (no room to swing a cat let alone a man!) I think the layout maximises the space there is and I love the impossible looking staircase. The house was reportedly on the market for just over £550,000, which is a lot of money for what I have been told was once upon a time just an alley way between the two adjoining shops. It is therefore testament to our ever expanding city, and indeed to the popularity of real estate in Shepherd's Bush, that this unique property is worth more than half a million pounds. That, and possibly the estate agent's crafty PR campaign!

Photos: Faded London and Daily Mail.

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