Thursday, 21 April 2011

One year ago...

On the 21st April 2010, NewMan and I had our first date. We’d met a few weeks previously snowboarding in the Austrian Alps, had a little bit of "fun", kept in touch and then finally sorted out a date, time and place to meet up again for more, er, fun.

The date was far from your typical first date. First of all we were not alone. NewMan’s Sydney based but ash-cloud-stranded brother was there as well. Not being on our own on our “first date” didn’t really bother me at all. I say this based on my feelings towards NewMan at the time; I fancied him lots but I had a strong suspicion that we had very little in common aside from snowboarding and there aren’t that many snowy mountains in London. I envisaged a few months of dating until the conversation dried up and we'd shake hands and move on.

One year on, the conversation hasn’t dried up and we're moving on together rather than apart. Though we may not have a million things in common we have a growing list of shared interests; Angry Birds, the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, 70s/80s disco, French white wine, Aussie TV series Underbelly, the Canadian band Chromeo and long, hot, relaxing holidays. I'm sure successful relationships have been built on less.

I document our one year anniversary not because I am smug (believe me, I am more shocked and bemused than smug), but because I concede grudgingly that it is true what they say; love happens when you least expect it. It can also happen with someone you'd least expect it to happen with.

Happy one year NewMan x

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