Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I want to ride my bicycle

If Boris will not bring his bikes to our Bush, the Bird will cycle one there instead.

I cannot tell you how much of a pleasure it was having my picture taken with a Barclays Cycle Hire scheme bike outside one of my most favourite Shepherd's Bush buildings. (I even don't mind the fact I look pregnant and that I am mastering an unsure windswept expression.)

Admittedly, I then had to humbly cycle back out of the Bush to deposit the bicycle at my nearest station near Olympia tube station before grudgingly walking back home to my nest in the Bush. Nonetheless it was a joyous moment and I really do hope one day the scheme will introduce docking stations in Shepherd's Bush.


  1. Eee, you are right outside my friend's place!

  2. It is a lovely building.

    Could do with Boris Bikes - although would we all have to pledge to ride up to Notting Hill as well as down?

  3. Hazymat - thank you for still reading even though you're leaving us for Jisswick... sigh...

    JimF - Cycling up to Notting Hill is a beast (I renamed it Not-happening Hill during my half marathon training) but I'd gladly attack it more regularly if Boris' Bikes permitted it... Of course we'd have to be fuelled by ice cream (Rule #3 of ice cream club?)

    Bird x