Sunday, 24 April 2011

I found a place, where we can boogie...

On Thursday night a group of unsuspecting Shepherd's Bush residents met up for a few drinks. A couple of hours later having graced two W12 pubs (Raving Buddha where we were beaten by a sauna-esque heat as well as bad singing by grown adults in cartoon-esque colourful costumes, and The Goldhawk where we enjoyed a more civilised open mic night and thankfully a normal room temperature), those still standing and lacking in better judgement headed towards Bar FM.

I could easily have written about Bar FM prior to this occasion but I was reluctant to because it has become a bit of a secret weapon in my knowledge and love of Shepherd's Bush nightlife. I'm never sure other people would "get it". Run by Filipino (I think?? Forgive me if incorrect) couple Freddie and Mylene (FM - geddit?), Bar FM is a late night bar that hosts live music, comedy nights, karoke and a lot of dodgy dancing. Open until 2am on week nights and 3am during weekends, despite burly looking bouncers and an eclectic mix of clientele, the atmosphere in FM is always relaxed, friendly and takes "anything goes" to new levels. This has nothing to do with any level of intoxication, honest.

There are some nice touches about Bar FM too and I'm not just talking about the best organised karoke night in West London (there are no breaks in between songs as the MC, who has to be seen to be believed, calls out to ever-ready and ever-enthusiastic singers to take the microphone. Admittedly the levels of ability and musical accuracy vary.). I am referring to those muscle bound bouncers "shh-ing" people complete with finger to lips as customers leave the premises, asking us to respect the local residents as we stumble out and across to Woody's Grill (just me?). I'm also referring to seeing Freddie and Mylene there behind the bar each and every time I have been to Bar FM. They put in some hours and clearly care about the success of their bar. Oh and the third touch has to be their stock of all flavours of Bacardi Breezer, a drink I thought was long extinct.

Bar FM isn't going to compete with the best nightclubs or venues in London, though it's better than a few West End night clubs I've tragically been to. I'll never get those nights back. However, they don't seem to hold any grand illusions to want to. Bar FM is a unique little spot in Shepherd's Bush where you can carry on your night, should you so wish to without getting thrown around a sticky dancefloor by an Australian (I like to have a night off every now and again). The music is bad (sorry, but it is) but it is dance-able and they serve food throughout the night. Trust me, and you can also trust the others who descended there last Thursday, at the very least you will find yourself smiling bemusedly when visiting Bar FM, even if it is for both the wrong and right reasons. Yet another hidden Bush gem...

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  1. I should point out, marvellous as Bar FM is in transporting us into a strange Filipino parallel dimension for a couple of hours, that Red Bull is £3.50 a can! That's one hell of a markup.