Sunday, 10 April 2011

Fade away...

I am a fan of many other blogs about London and indeed have featured some of them recently, like London Shop Fronts and London Buses; One bus at a time. Today is the turn of Faded London, a blog which has literally changed the way I look at London. Its author Clive blogs about the forgotten, or faded, sights of London that are still visible and delightfully so. He seeks to identify and explain old signs, buildings, lamp-posts and even man-hole covers which are remnants of yesterday's London.

As soon as I stumbled on his blog I sought out the posts relating to Shepherd's Bush. I found this post in which he takes a very familiar walk from Hammersmith to Shepherd's Bush. He comments on a number of sights and buildings I instantly recognised, and I'm sure you will too. But brilliantly Clive also brings a few hidden faded treats to our attention. Do you recognise which buildings are featured in these photographs?

I reached out to Clive to ask for his permission to use his photographs and refer back to his Shepherd's Bush visit. He responded full of enthusiasm and pointed me in the direction of two additional blog posts writing up a walk down Uxbridge Road; part one is here and part two here.

Faded London is well wroth dipping into to read about the signs of a faded London outside of our borough. I can guarantee that like me afterwards you will have your eyes opened to things you may not have noticed before. I've never been more obsessed with man-holes. Keep up the great work Clive!

All photographs taken and used with permission by Faded London.


  1. The first one is the side of that Australian drinking hole - no idea what it's called - bar next to the Shepherd's Bush Empire. The alley cuts through from the Green to Pennard Road. It used to be a cinema.

    The second one is the old fire station on the corner of Pennard Road and Uxbridge Road.

    The third one is the old Library, opposite corner of Pennard Road and Uxbridge Road.

    Fourth one is the old telephone exchange at the junction of Uxbridge Road and Bloemfontein Road.

    The fifth one is the studios above the fabric shops on the south side of Goldhawk Road.

    The only one I don't recognise is the last one.Unless it's the same building as the first.

  2. FYI Last one is the police station on Shepherds Bush Road, Hammersmith end just by the Palais (sob).