Wednesday, 16 March 2011

You took the words right out of my mouth...

The best thing about writing this blog has been finding and meeting other people who "get" Shepherds' Bush. It has been refreshing to find that many, many others can see through the layer of dirt and noise that only too regularly litters Shepherd's Bush. Through this we all find little bits of humanity, of solidarity and innumerable fried chicken shops. It would seem that a respected journalist and resident of Shepherd's Bush also "gets" it too. Commenting today on the Midsomer Murders kerfuffle Matthew Norman couldn't have summarised life in Shepherd's Bush better.  
"Here in the crack- dealing tourist centre of Shepherds Bush, early 21st-century multiculturalism seems to work beautifully, whatever David Cameron, a huge Midsomer fan, may think to the contrary. If our road tends towards the lively, that is thanks to the generally white occupants of the two bail hostels opposite. Within 20 doors either side of us are Somalis, Poles, Croats, Bengalis, Lebanese, Jamaicans and doubtless another 20 nationalities. You can walk a mile along the Uxbridge road, that corner of a native land that will forever be Damascus, without seeing an indigenous white face (apart from the bail hostel boys and girls, out and about and up to no good), which is one of the area's few charms. In 14 years we've not come across a scintilla of racial tension."

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