Tuesday, 22 March 2011

These boots were made for walking...

Well, doesn't Maz get around. First he's subjected to my naff interview skills and filthy laugh, and now he's all over Shepherd's Bush with a nice big yellow microphone. Here he is walking to and from the four venues for Bushstock showing how nice and easy it's going to be to get from one to another.

Communion also announced more Bushstock acts yesterday. Here's what the current line up looks like:

One of the acts announced yesterday, the fabulously named Beans on Toast, also features on the Communion Records Limited Edition LP that I am giving away to a lucky winner in celebration of Bushstock. All you have to do is tell me what song or song lyric makes you think about Shepherd's Bush. It can be a because of a good or bad memory, because of a drunken or a very sobering experience, the result of a long thought out process or just a song or lyric that spontaneously popped in your head.

Click here for information on how to enter and good luck! I'm loving the ones I've received so far. All amusing and all are very insightful about what Shepherd's Bush means to you. (Please note that I'm not publishing them immediately so that people aren't put off if someone else has picked a song they may have wanted to talk about). Thank you for all your answers so far!

1 comment:

  1. Greetings Birdie,

    First up, big brappage for the run-a-thon the other day, you are my hero!

    So,so, so my song choice is a little out there and a tad left field, but blame my parentals...for their obsession with Boney M..the song is a re-make of the song 'Sunny' (see link)


    This track ALWAYS reminds me of good times in the Bush, sun shining, rasta colours and the madness of the market when I was a mini me SheBu was pretty much the only place back in the day my folks could get the much craved for sweet potatoes, yams and ting. On the way to the Sunday market, 'Sunny' would be blasting in our car..much to my horror as my parents decided to imitate the dance (not to be repeated)! What I did like about Shepards Bush at the time was that even though these songs were going at full pelt, no-one batted an eye lid..anything goes...nowts changed. All good.

    PS Loving your work Maz..i want that yellow mic!

    Big love, Bella x