Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sweet Kiwi(s)

I have just learnt that on Thursday night there will be a fund raising gig at our own Bush Hall for the Christchurch Earthquake Relief fund. Organised by a group of Kiwis based in London, they have pulled together (at an impressive speed and rate of organisation) the evening which will feature a number of different acts, none of which I have heard of sadly. This article explains that the organisers have used their connections and experience in all the right industries (advertising, events, music) to get the event happening and they couldn't have picked a better location or venue. I am sure that though Shepherd's Bush is as far away from New Zealand as you could possibly be, most Kiwis in London have thought of little else but home since last Tuesday.

With so many other NZ-ers residing in and around Shepherd's Bush my sadness at the news of the earthquake was certainly heightened. If you want to go along on Thursday you can buy tickets for £10.00 here, and all proceeds go to the NZ Earthquake Relief. I have no doubt it will be an amazing night.

On a personal side note the recent coverage of this tragedy also reminded me of the other countries that are still rebuilding after a natural disaster, many with less resources so as well as making a donation to the NZ Relief fund I also gave much thought and some money to Haiti.

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