Friday, 18 March 2011

Music makes the people come together

Bushstock is less than two months away and I hope you are ready for Shepherd's Bush's first one day festival; 30 acts across 4 venues on Saturday 7th May 2011. Thus far six acts have been announced: Fink, The Staves, Tom Williams and the Boat, Cloud Control, Sarah Blasko, Treetop Flyers.

I am personally very excited. I am preparing for Bushstock by not having a haircut before and breaking in (i.e. ruining) a new pair of Converse by doing a few circuits of the Walkabout on a Sunday night. Mo and I have bought our tickets and I'm planning on bribing recently blogged about Bush Photographer Suma (in beer and bagels) to join us and capture the best moments (I promise to keep open mouth shots to a minimum, Mum).

If you aren't yet convinced that this will be a great day in Shepherd's Bush (especially if you like live music and collect dirty festival wristbands) maybe the following will give you more information. Last night I was invited to pop down to Ginglik for Communion's first live music night there. I grabbed a a few minutes with one of Bushstock's organisers from Communion, Maz, to grill him about Bushstock and what festival-goers can expect. (Thank you Maz!)

This is the video of our chat which should give you a better idea of what Bushstock will be all about. It was filmed last night outside Ginglik on Shepherd's Bush Green, which will be one of the four venues.

A few things I would like to point out about the video interview;

1. Night vision goggles may improve the viewing quality.
2. I was not drunk. I was not purposefully trying to be a bad Fearne Cotton ("awesome" *cringe*).
3. Step away from the microphone Birdie. I clearly need my volume control re-setting.
4. Why do I sound like the 50-a-day love child of Geri Halliwell and Mariella Frostrup?
5. I am re-thinking ever featuring video interviews again, unless I get a voice transplant or someone else asks the questions. Any volunteers?


How would you like to win that Limited Edition LP from Communion Records? It's all wrapped up still, shiny and new and it screams "Collector's Item". I reckon it'll be worth at least £17.50 on Ebay in a year or so. (You can even see how happy I am about it in thanks to my dire photo skills). 

All joking aside, it's a very special prize and I'm very grateful to Communion for giving one of my readers a chance to own this. Maz has kindly let me have a very free reign on how to pick a worthy winner so first person to run around Shpeherd's Bush Green naked wins... KIDDING! That would be far too unoriginal and has been done way too many times before.

Instead I'd like you to answer the following questions which is based on the fact that I use song lyrics as the titles of all my blog posts. I would like to know the following:

Which song, or song title or song lyric best describes Shepherd's Bush to you, and why?

It can be for personal, amusing. emotional or downright daft reasons just try your best to explain why.

For example, We Are the People by Empire of the Sun makes me think of Shepherd's Bush because very bizarrely it always ends up playing when I am running back into the Bush on my recent training runs and also the words "we are the people" has a new meaning since our successful few tweet ups.

Please leave a comment with your answer and maybe a link to the song itself on Spotify or YouTube. Please also make sure you leave me with a name and preferably a Google Profile or Twitter name so that I can get back to you. 

UPDATED: Please note that I've decided not to publish the Comments immediately so that people aren't put off if someone else has picked a song they may have wanted to talk about.

I will announce the winner on Saturday 16th April, which is exactly four weeks before Bushstock.

(FYI: I will be asking Maz and other specially selected Bush residents to assist me in picking a winner so as to make it as fair as possible and rendering your attempts at bribing me with cake (carrot is my favourite, coffee and walnut my next favourite) or wine (Chianti, thanks) completely futile.)

I will leave you now with Maz's picks of the so far announced artists:

Fink (who has featured on a brilliant Bonobo song)

Tom Williams and the Boat (I also found this video of them doing a live cover of Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal)

And doing another live cover which you may recognise...


  1. Kool Moe Dee - Wild Wild West

  2. My Bush track is - Funky People by John Landau + the Giants... "I know some funky people" every colour every creed.....sums it up for me, the words say it all! FUNKY people :)

  3. Right, nomination time...(apols for lengthy post)

    Before I nominate, there are many tunes which deserve a mention in passing. Not least this catchy number which I only discovered just now on Spotify. An artist who goes by the name of 'Purple Watson' (anyone know him?) recently released an EP called 'Shepherd's Bush Swing' with the title track giving honourable mentions to Richmond Way, Loftus Road, and of course the Green itself (I think we should track him down and find out who he is!). Anyway check it out here (it has a slight produced-in-the-bedroom air to it but its an endearing little number nonetheless): Purple Watson - Shepherds Bush Swing EP via Spotify):

    Also, I should pay homage to the late King Tubby who himself produced this little number 'Shepherd's Bush In Dub' - I'm not quite sure what the Bush reference is on this track as it's entirely instrumental, but its typically King Tubby Dub awesomeness. Perfect for chilling out in the sunshine on the Green to, reefers at the ready: (also available on the Dangerous Dub album here: )

    Coming in close contention for the number one spot, its John Sullivan's closing theme to 'Only Fools & Horses' featuring the unforgettable lyric: 'Ball games, gold chains, whassa-names, and at a push, Some Trevor Francis track suits from a mush in Shepherds Bush, Bush, bush, bush, bush, bush, bush, bush ...' - a brilliant track and one that will now forever remind me of Shepherds Bush (available on youtube here for anyone who's lived under a rock for the last 30 years: )

    However, my number one tune has to be this one: 'Tied Up Too Tight' by Hard-Fi.

    Whilst not referencing Shepherds Bush directly, it is a track about West London and came out around the time I moved here (and co-incidentally I happened to be working at their record label at the time so I was always hearing it). The lyric that sums it up is 'Straight out of West London(Na na na na na na) Just like a loaded gun' - the track itself being about wanting to get away from where you're originally from and escape the mundaneness of it all and head for the bright lights of London - something I think many of the non-native Bush people can relate to, and certainly one that chimed with me back in 2004/5. So forever more I will think of Shepherds Bush (and West London generally) every time I hear this.

    So there it is. My nomination: Hard-Fi 'Tied Up Too Tight' -

    Roll on Bushstock in May and let's ave it!

  4. The Who -The Kids Are Alright; Bush blokes and a song about a place where the kids are alright such as The Bush!

  5. Has to be London Calling by The Clash. By the bush for the bush. Great QPR song - I insisted we played it before every game when I worked at the club. Some of the band are fans (Mick Jones for one) and all lived locally.

    When I lived in Nottingham missing the Bush I'd drive round Shepherds Bush Green with the top down on my convertible blaring this song out to make me feel home. Sad but true.

  6. Quite simply London Calling By The Clash. The Bush is famous for The Clash and QPR..linking the two is Mick Jones - QPR fan. QPR have for years ran out onto the famous Loftus Road pitch to London calling...and nothing and I mean nothing, Megan Fox or Kelly Brook naked, pished and up for a threesome included* gets the hairs on the back of my neck up like hearing London Calling blasting out across W12 knowing it's business time.

    *this may be a lie

  7. Gotta be the Fast Food Rockers - Fast Food Song; more fried chicken here than a fire in a butchers

  8. From @producerneil

    May I cruelly suggest Razorlight's Somewhere Else as a fitting lyrical song for Shepherd's Bush?

    But now I just can't help myself
    I really really wish I could be somewhere else
    Than here
    You give me everything I need
    But i really really wish i could be somewhere else
    Than here

    Just anywhere else
    Just anywhere else than here