Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mean Poppa Lean

Ooh lucky you boys. You put your name in a song. I use it as the post title to promote your coming to the Bush* (I'm sure there's an innuendo there somewhere). Though I do love this song, Sheryl Crow.

Mean Poppa Lean are a band I saw 18 months ago at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes and blogged about. I referred to this and them on Twitter and the result was the following Press Release in my inbox. (What is this innuendo-bingo?) As part of their "Live on Twelve Legs" tour they will be playing at the (O2) Shepherd's Bush Empire on 29th July 2011. A secondary result was Mean Poppa Lean reposting my review on their facebook and outing my completely healthy crush on one of the band members.

It was weird re-reading the review which was from October 2009. The post is basically an account of a typical weekend when I was a single lady. A few things struck me after reading it. 1. I used to take a LOT of naps. 2. I had a lot of fun when I was single.

Anyway, back to the boys what make funky music and keep Brighton charity shops in business... Here follows all the info you will need about Mean Poppa Lean and a link to their latest track "9-0-2-1-Ho". I hope you will consider going along to see them. Bella and I will be there dancing along and there's a possibility I'll find myself outside the stage door waiting for the trombone player, who I've found out is called Tom (am working on the surname, purely for non-sinister stalking purposes).

"Live on Twelve Legs', recorded at The Haunt in their hometown of Brighton, is the incendiary response. Unleashed on May 2nd, we are delighted to provide exclusive preview track '9-0-2-1-Ho!' in both audio and visual forms to educate the uneducated. HEAR the super-tuff grooves. See the bespoke loungewear. Let it grab you by the scruff of the neck and throw you around the room. You'll love it, trust."

16 March, Pavilion Theatre, Brighton
25 March, Red Lion, Gravesend
26 March, Soul Cellar, Southampton
8 April, Barfly, Camden LDN
26th May, Coalition, Brighton w/ Roy Ayers
29 July, O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, LDN

* I don't want my lovely readers to make any wrong assumptions about why I occasionally blog about upcoming Bush music acts. I will only blog about bands I like or have tried and tested and therefore REALLY do recommend seeing. I also hope by posting this that the Mean Poppa Lean boys feel obliged to get their legs out again.

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