Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Keep on Running... Training Run 22

Distance: 4 miles (not 9 miles)
Time: 37 minutes
Area covered: Shepherd's Bush - Goldhawk Road - Stamford Brook - Hammersmith - Hammersmith Road on to Kensington High Street - Kensington Church Street - and then after a number of attempts to get going again and psychologically separate my knee from the rest of my body, I hobbled up to Notting Hill and got the 94 bus home.
Weather: Cool but dry - perfect running conditions.
Playlist: DJ Priors 
Snowbombing 2009 Podcast - one of my favourite D&B mixes h'ever.
Comments: It's ironic that on International Woman's Day I find myself cursing my sex. Despite my best intentions, a great pace and what felt like an additional 5 miles in the tank I had to cut last night's training run short, and boy do I feel incredibly emotional about it. Still. Though I know that it's already touch and go whether I should even do the run next Sunday, at mile 4 of last night's run and with the intense pain in my knee creeping over 8/10 (this is how I manage pain and anything more than 7/10, I stop) and with the all-too-familiar twinge of that blister returning, I found myself in tears and feeling very emotional indeed that I wasn't able to fulfil my potential last night. Conversations with Team Bird (Mum, Dad, NewMan, Mo and physio friend Betty) all told me I'd done the right thing, as did good twitter folk. NewMan and Dad expressed opinion that I shouldn't run it at all (Dad: "I'm not sure you should be running it next week darling," NewMan: "What the f*ck are you doing to yourself Birdie?"). However, the ladies in my life, knowing me and my emotions better, didn't suggest this. They know that I am too pig-headed to abandon this now and if it comes to it I will have no shame in walking, crawling, slithering along 13.1 miles next Sunday. It just would have been so so good to have got a decent time and to feel something close to enjoyment whilst doing this.
Anyway, before my knee nightmare on Kensington Church Street, I took in a number of sights in and around the Bush. Firstly there was a police cordon around the London Joggers and neighbouring shops on Goldhawk Road along with several bloodied tissues on the ground and broken glass. Uniformed Officers were still there guarding the scene, which is never a good sign. I then ran down past Stamford Brook and thought yet again about its numerous mentions in the 1934 book I wrote about last week. This reminded me how I will come and go from these places, running, walking or limping past, yet they will remain, so fixed and stationary in both our geography and history. In Hammersmith I saw one of the homeless men who I usually see in Shepherd's Bush. I realised then that his usual "pitch" where he sits and reads is now a row of scaffolding (outside NatWest bank on the West12 side of Shepherd's Bush Green). It was leaving Hammersmith that I realised my knee was worsening and fast and when the shops of Kensington High Street couldn't distract me I knew I was in trouble.
But no more dwelling. I have just 11 days to feel physically and emotionally strong as well as pain-free again. Now is a time for resting, icing, praying and buying of Ibuprofen. Wish me luck...

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  1. Birdie you are a nutter. I agree with Mr Bird and New Man. You shouldn't run. Totally understand the emotional issues that might throw up, but seriously, if your body is yelling something at you, you need to listen. The long term damage is just NOT worth it. I spent about 5 years unable to run due to an overzealous commitment to completing a 100km hike - result - swollen knees and ankles at 62km and an inability to walk down hills quickly, even to this day....