Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Keep on Running... Training Run 21

Distance: 8 miles
Time: I hr 17 mins
Area covered: Shepherd's Bush - down Hammersmith Grove - across Hammersmith roundabout - up through Brook Green - back through Shepherd's Bush - Marble Arch - back to Shepherd's Bush.
Weather: Very chilly on the... body.
Playlist: Lady Gaga - Abba - Empire of the Sun - Grum - Cassius - Passion Pit - Kings of Leon and a whole lot of Dimitri from Paris.
Comments: Having not run for a week I was a little nervous about this run. The first two miles around Hammersmith and back to the Bush via Brook Green was tough of my knee and I was worried I'd have to abandon this attempt at a distance I've not covered in many years. However, once I'd made my way up Holland Park Avenue to Notting Hill I had found a pace that I was comfortable with and I have to say I pretty much bombed up and then back down Bayswater Road. As I reached the 8 mile mark I was tempted to try and go for another half mile but my knee conquered and I walked the remaining short distance home via M&S for the nice tea that I'd been looking forward to since mile 3.
8 miles is like the runners' equivalent of glass ceiling for me in training terms as on previous occasions when I've trained for a half marathon I've not been able to run for more than 8 miles in one go due to my knee. Though the pain isn't going anywhere I feel that with my stretches, and with enough rest days, it is manageable. I'm therefore going to try break this glass ceiling on my next training run which will be probably be my last long run before D-Day. Not long to go now...

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