Saturday, 19 March 2011

Keep on Running... no more training runs

And now the end has come ...and so I face the final curtain... OF PAIN!!

This time tomorrow I will have joined 1000s of other runners in Madjeski Stadium having completed the Reading Half Marathon. A very popular pre-London Marathon half marathon race, I do recall from the last time that I did it that most will be taking it all fairly seriously. Though there are a huge number of charity runners I don't remember a jovial spirit being alive as much as when I did the Great North Run, for example.

However, I am hereby pledging to be as jovial as I can possibly be tomorrow as I line up in my snazzy Royal Marsden vest with Mo and 5 other friends. As you will all know, and be bored of hearing by now, my knee turned my training runs into a bit of a battle. Pain is never a nice thing but I know that whatever pain I face and deal with tomorrow it will pale into insignificance when I remind myself why I'm running (see below). Wish me luck Shepherd's Bush...

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