Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ease on down the road...

Source: London Transport Museum Shop Online
Now that I've just about calmed down from the excitement of reading about London Buses: One bus at a time's trip on the 148, I'm getting myself all excited about public transport again. How I've changed...

The ever-brilliant and ever-dedicated tube fanatic Annie Mole of the blog Going Underground brought it to my attention in her latest post that there is an "over-flow" Museum Depot of the London Transport Museum based just down the road from Shepherd's Bush in Acton. Next weekend (12th - 13th March) there will be an open weekend at the Museum Depot featuring some of the Museums exhibitions for "London Transport in Miniature" as well as 100,000s of other exibits and items. Though I am certainly no train-spotter and as you know don't always enjoy a bus ride, I do have a love-hate-love affair with London Transport and have unashamedly enjoyed going to the Museum in Covent Garden a few times. I find our red buses, spaghetti tube system and the City's utter reliance on it all completely fascinating.

I think this could be a cracking day out for anyone who feels anywhere as intrigued by London Transport and its history as I am. Furthermore the open weekend will also include two talks by expert transport writer Christian Wolmar entitled "Engines of War: How wars were won and lost on the railways" and "Subterranean Railways: Fantastic achievements of London Underground’s pioneer".Tickets are £10.00 for adults, various rates for concessions and must be booked in advance on 0207 565 7298.

It pleases me that this is an exhibition that Shepherd's Bush residents will have to travel further west for (on the 207, I suggest) as opposed to east as we usually do to Central London. I've long said it but west really is best...

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  1. It's well worth a visit.

    Took my mate Pete last time and got this pic