Tuesday, 1 March 2011

All Aboard

I've mentioned it before but London Buses: One Bus At A Time is fast becoming one of my favourite London blogs. Penned by a group of London bus-loving ladies armed with their Freedom Passes, they have been writing up their journeys of each and every London bus, starting with No.1 back in 2009 and well finishing who knows where or when... The write-ups are well-written, amusing and very insightful as they take in the passing sights and changing bus-window landscape of London.

Today they published their write-up of the 148, a bus that travels from Camberwell Green to White City (or vice versa). It's a bus I often get to Victoria to jump on a train home to the 'rents and it's the bus my old, old flatmate used to get to work and she would often say it's a route that shows you a real cross section of London, East and West, in a remarkably quick time

Source: London Buses: One bus at a time

I loved London Buses' observations about the war memorial on the Green and that White City is their favourite bus station. Hoorah! You can also read their previous write-ups of the 49 route as well as the 94 (my personal favourite Bush bus!) and I for one am eagerly awaiting their journeys on the 207 (good luck ladies!), the now infamous 220 and the 295.

Source: London Buses: One bus at a time

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