Tuesday, 15 February 2011

You're my funny Valentine

I'm not sure I like Valentine's Day. Not because it's a commercially created "holiday" which sends people into a panic trying to decide which card remotely echoes their feelings towards The One, The One That Will Do For Now or The One That Has Done For Too Long (I find this quite funny as I observed the queues in Clintons and florists in the City at around 5.45pm last night). I'll be honest and admit that of course I hate the overly-magnified exclusion and the de facto sense of rejection that Valentine's Day brings a single girl or boy. Some of my unhappily single friends aren't good at dealing with that on the best of days (fear not, I'm working on them!) so Valentine's Day can be long, hard and as they bunker down for days before and after it is not at all conducive to their overall goal of meeting someone special.

I also dislike it personally because it's one of the few days a year when I hate being single, Christmas Day and bizarrely New Year's Day being the other occasions. Or rather I should say it was one of the few days I used to hate being single as I'm no longer "single" (I'm reminding myself more than anyone). Call me controversial but as a happy single girl who was often looking for a decent bloke and maybe a decent relationship (sometimes purposefully in the wrong places but now and again in the right place with night goggles and a Sat Nav) I actually appreciate the idea of their being a day when you both have to think about saying or doing something nice to each other and quite frankly that always sounded like a good thing to me. I've since learnt that actually couples can and probably should be nicer to each other much more often than that!

Anyway, it's a slippery slope down off a big soap box for me when I start talking about being single and about relationships and now that I do have a boyfriend I will run the risk of contradicting myself or appearing incongruous. I think what I'm trying to say, albeit badly and possibly to no-one's benefit, is that though it's okay to be single at Valentine's Day of course it's going to smart a little (but not a lot!) but in a curious way it should therefore follow that when not single you should make some attempt to enjoy it. Which is what I was determined to do, it being the first Valentine's Day I was sharing with "someone special" (vom) for more than five years.

NewMan wanted us to go out for dinner last night (he is a foodie and a good one at that - a goodie foodie) but I simply couldn't face the "couple-off" that many restaurants and bars must have been last night. Instead I asked if he would cook one of our favourite meals, chicken, mushroom and ricotta pie and I would provide a bottle of wine. He did, I did and we both also did little presents to one another much to my surprise.

(Look away now for photos of a couple indulging in Valentine's Day through the medium of pie and cake or cheese related gifts. I will no doubt equally hate these pictures come the next Valentine's Day when I am single...)

YumBots - my gift of robot silicon cupcake cases from a Robot and Cupcake obsessed NewMan
Otherwise known as NewMan's least subtle hint for me to make more cupcakes yet.

My gift to NewMan - Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar
... in the shape of a heart obviously!

NewMan's famous chicken pie.
and after.


  1. If it's any consolation, I've been married for a year, just become a father and I still say "my girlfriend" in conversation...

  2. Thank goodness not just me then! Congrats again on fatherhood!

    Bird x