Friday, 25 February 2011

We were the Kings and Queens of promise...

Our third tweet up occurred last night. It was a lovely evening in a lovely venue. As a result of the last tweet up and thanks to some extra-curricular drinking on the Green (now that is REAL Shepherd's Bush) as the result of twitter conversation two of the finest Shepherd's Bush Tweeters were crowned King and Queen of Shepherd's Bush. Never one to turn down an opportunity to exercise my arts and crafts skills (and possibly some buried Blue Peter-presenter-wannabe demons) I set to work. It's amazing what you can achieve with a cereal box, kitchen foil, a Paperchase sticker and Haribo obsession and some Ann Summers feather fans.

All hail Queen Kerry and King Owen!

As I walked home down Uxbridge Road (wi
th other local blogger James aka Bee in the Bush) I realised it's quite a remarkable thing turning internet communication into real-life interaction, especially when it works. I feel like we're all slowly but surely becoming good friends. And all because of our common interest and place of residence. Someone in the pub last night (not a member of the Bush Twitterati I hasten to add) called Shepherd's Bush a toilet (although he acknowledged it as a "very interesting toilet") while one tweet-up attendee described Shepherd's Bush as "real life". Be it a toilet, be it real life, be it both, I have proof that I'm no longer alone in thinking there is much to love about living in Shepherd's Bush.

Thank you for coming toilet Shepherd's Bush livers and lovers, I'll see you at the next one...

Long live the Bush!


  1. Last night was great but went too fast and I didnt get to speak to everyone - see you next month (last Thursday in march - 31st??)

  2. Twas a fun night! Not sure of exact date but am sure it will get pencilled in soon enough... Who are you Mr/Mrs Anonymous!!??x

  3. I wish Twitter existed back when I lived in The Bush for things like this - looks like great fun!

  4. Bazil - you are more than welcome to attend the next... call yourself Bush alumni!x