Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday lunch awaits...

Did you know that within W12 you can find one of the best pubs in London? I'm sure you did and you know precisely which one I mean. I am embarrassed about how long it has taken me to try the treats offered by the award winning Princess Victoria. Having known about it for nearly three years I have just not prioritised heading there for food due to it being the wrong end of Uxbridge Road to me and my Sunday hungover hunger often needs satisfying before I get past Shepherd's Bush Market station. However, a worthy occasion presented itself when it came to be that my parents and Mo's parents (who are friends) were visiting for Sunday lunch.

This beautifully restored former Gin Palace was built in 1829 can be found on the corner of Becklow Road and Uxbridge Road and in my humble but well fed opinion, defines the term "gastro pub". It does drink jolly well and it does food very well. The extensive range of starters (including made to order "scotch quail eggs"), traditional Sunday roast options and heavenly yet hellishly tempting deserts could have kept me happily busy all day. That's not even mentioning the thick plastic binder that is their wine list, which you can actually buy from as an off licence as they pride themselves as "Purveyors of Fine Wine". A tactical group decision was made for us to head straight to main courses and save any extra course stomach space for the deserts.

I went for the roast pork, which was well-cooked, cut in thick slices and with more crackling than I could eat. Pause for photos and digestion.

I have to mention that the wine, a Montepulciano and a Languedoc Picpoul de Pinet, was some of the nicest I have tasted in a long, long time (and I've drunk a lot of wine in that time). This is the place to go in Shepherd's Bush for mighty fine Fine Wine.

It was worth sacrificing a starter for the pudding I had. Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream and toffee pecan sauce. It was as good as it sounds. I will dream about it tonight.

Princess Victoria is worth a visit to admire the building alone. I know little of the history (and want to find out more) but it is clear that the owners are committed to maximising the original features and feel of the architecture. Though it may not look like much from the outside, it's really something inside with signature antique furniture, working fireplaces and natural light flooding in thanks to a number of glass sky lights. 

At nearly 200 years old this is a building that has seen and survived numerous changes in Shepherd's Bush. It is safe to say that if it continues to serve up such delicious food and drinkable wine, it will continue to be a wonderful part of the Bush's future. 


  1. I've been there (it's very close to my flat) but I've never eaten there. Looks lovely!

  2. You need to go! And soon - but make a booking, very very busy...(yet very good prompt service) - am still so full!

  3. I live about a 2 min walk to this place and very occasionally I have steak suppers there. One of my most favourite pubs for food!

  4. I`ve not been in there for many a year,looks nice from the outside now. used to be a real spit and sawdust place. Food looks fantastic. Sunday roast is my fav. Sticky toffee pudding too. They once filmed an episode of The six o`clock show there a few years ago.

  5. Have to agree with your excellent review... Princess Victoria is one of the best pubs in Shepherds Bush! (That and probably The Goldhawk) It is also conveniently on the end of my road which probably helps...

    They have brilliant wine options (and cider, and I LOVE cider more than most things), bar snacks, service and just a lovely building and atmosphere.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to the realms of Wormholt! I haven't tried the roast there so will promptly be doing so after payday as it's a wee bit pricey there, but worth it!

    Robyn x

  6. maybe I'm getting old but I can't stand the ecoustics. I ALWAYS FIND MYSELF SHOUTING THERE!!! AND LISTENING TO OTHERS SHOUTING!!

  7. That is actually a good point Wild Man... I panicked when first heard how loud it was in there as my Mother has sensitive ears (either that or the rest of the family are too loud) but have to say she didn't even comment on it - probably helped that we walked past tables and tables of delicious looking food on the way in!

    Bird x