Sunday, 20 February 2011

Mad world...

Last night a weirdo, who I know to be a Shepherd's Bush local (of no fixed abode I fear) said some horrible things to NewMan and I as we caught the 220 bus home. I did write a long old post about it but I have deleted it so that once I have forgotten all about it, which I nearly have, I won't be reminded. It was a one off incident and far worse things have happened on night buses in London. I just got upset because it happened in Shepherd's Bush.

This morning I was determined to remind myself that this is a good place to live. I tweeted this and much to my surprise I received many tweets back from fellow Bush residents with scores of reasons why they love living in the Bush, some old favourites of mine and others I very much look forward to experiencing:

Thank you so very much to fry-up fan (and a man after my own heart... disease) @gamray, our most glamorous "local celeb" @RebeccaCaine, the ever sweet @AlexBrownW12, to @ruthbrown, who is also training for the Reading Half Marathon (and doing much better than me! Go Ruth!), @NelsMels who I'm very much looking forward to meeting on Thursday and the always amusing, and apparently philosophical @BryceElder who told me that he'd had a very different bus in the Bush experience; a stranger gave him her spare Oyster card when his ran out of credit.

Sadly this was tainted because the Bush wasn't kind to two of these lovely people this weekend with one having their car bonnet being keyed and another having their Sat Nav stolen.

I suppose this is what Shepherd's Bush is all about; there is a lot of crap around us and sometimes it can be shoved in your face more than you would like, but it doesn't mean the good isn't there. You just have to make a little effort to find it.

Today I found the good of Shepherd's Bush in the people who live there who used Twitter to reach out to me and remind me of what they like about living in W12. I'm genuinely excited to try the things I've never done and to re-enjoy the others.

I also found a bit of good at lunchtime today in a Pork & Lemongrass meatballs Bun Noodles from Pho in Westfield. Try it the next time you experience some "Shepherd's Bush Bad".


  1. Very sad to hear of your Bad Bush experience this weekend! :(

    2 things that will help you to forget about this are...

    1) Wander on down to Wahaca and ask for a steak burrito and several tequila mojitos! OR 2) Go check out the Albertine Wine Bar and sample one of their amazing reds and enjoy the choice of various cheeses you can have to go with it.

    Two of my new favourite things in the Bush! I

    One (Bush) Love x

  2. I heartily agree with the previous commenter. If you want to really forget bad experiences may I suggest spending some time with the tequila menu at Wahaca...

    Seriously though, the dish you mentioned at Pho is my favourite. And I never knew about Sagano. I have been most upset that my favourite YouMeSushi in Marylebone doesn't deliver to W12 so I must give this a try...