Friday, 11 February 2011

Keep on Running... Training Run 15

Distance: 2.2 miles.
Time: Time? Time I upped my game and got on with this training!!!
Area covered: Bank - Oxford Street - Uniqlo - Marble Arch tube home via the off licence.
Weather: Mild, despite raining all day.
Playlist: Grum - Lady Gaga - Free - Kings of Leon - "Get-outta-my-way-tourists" - Mystery Jets - Leela James - "Sod-this-I'm-going-shopping".
Comments: Going on holiday and having an incredibly busy week at work has meant I haven't run properly for nearly two weeks. Last night I attempted running the 6 miles home from my job in the City. However 2 miles in I was struggling and I am now convinced that the holiday and this week at work has undone all the previous training I have done. It wasn't my fitness that let me down it was the pain in my knee and my inability to find a good pace. I'll also be honest I couldn't be bothered. So when my shoe lace came undone outside Uniqlo on Oxford Street I took it as a sign and I'm now one dress, one skirt and one pair of nice cargo pants richer (or poorer if you're my bank manager). Admittedly running through the West End of London at rush hour isn't exactly ideal running or pace-finding conditions so at least a lesson was learnt there. I'm going to try again tonight and this weekend and fingers crossed I find my pace and running mojo again. Please God.

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