Saturday, 26 February 2011

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday...

Today is my birthday. My worsening hangovers and increasing reliance on night cream remind me I am certainly a year older. A quick reflection on the last 12 months (new job, new flat mate, NewMan) suggests I am a year wiser or at least should be.

Trying to convince Mo to start her own present-wrapping service: Wrappers Delight (copyright Bird in the Bush, 2011)
Though I am fast becoming a minority with most of my friends, I continue to love and look forward to birthdays: not for the cake (although the cake is important), not for the presents (oooh I do love presents though) and not for it being the perfect excuse for a day of good food and fizzy drinks (I find I have 364 other suitable daily excuses). I love birthdays because they are an achievement; another year of life achieved.

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