Tuesday, 11 January 2011

When will I have my picture in the paper?

When, indeed? Well today it sort of kind of happened. The Guardian's Top-Top London Blogger, Dave Hill, featured Bird in the Bush as a Top London Blogger today.

Some of my favourite London blogs have featured on this list including the tirelessly brilliant (for "proper" W12 news as opposed to my ramblings about boys and frocks) Chris Underwood's Shepherd's Bush Blog, Annie Mole's Going Underground (as featured t'other day prior to me jinxing the Central Line) and my new friend (and super lovely) J's West Hampstead Life. It follows that I am just incredibly chuffed to have been spotted, added and received in exactly the way I intended to be; as a "conversational" blog about living in an area I love for all the right and wrong reasons.

So maybe tonight I will go out and walk down Uxbridge Road to get some fried chicken and then throw the well-gnawed on bones down on the pavement near some dog poo to celebrate à la real Shepherd's Bush...?? No. Of course I won't. That's not my style. I also see and believe that there is so much more to Shepherd's Bush than that. And this little bit of exposure just makes me all the more determined to keep writing about it.

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