Saturday, 22 January 2011

Living for the weekend

Thanks to a slow week at work, I have been on a steady countdown to these two days at the end of the week when I don't have to get up before I'd like to and I don't have to sacrifice time with my favourite things (writing, flat, friends and NewMan) for long days at work, long runs at dusk and admittedly this week, one long night out.

This weekend I am going to be happily pottering around in Shepherd's Bush. Mo and I have some friends coming over for cocktails and dreams at the flat tonight and during the week I proposed to her that we keep it all "Shepherd's Bush". No, not a bulk take-away from Dallas Chicken and keeping our guests' Martini glasses full with Special Brew: I have suggested that we go for a nice local lunch together prior to then buy all our cocktail and canapé ingredients from the Market or Uxbridge Road grocery shops, and then maybe hit (hopefully not literally) a local bar after we have drunk our flat dry.

Mo, knowing full well that this suggestion was blog-motivated, very politely agreed but then flip-reversed the challenge on me: "Ok, well then I challenge you to buy your whole outfit for Saturday from Shepherd's Bush Market? And wear it." 

If there was ever a challenge that had my name written all over it, this has to be it. Worryingly I even already have some ideas. I have negotiated with Mo that I can include the very fine Shepherd's Bush charity shops if Uxbridge Road is in our sights and I am still looking naked of ideas or plastic bags. However, I remain optimistic and excited. As one Bush tweetie-pie, Kerry, commented when I mentioned this challenge to her, I will at the very least look "flammable".

My mind then wondered and wandered on to consider other challenges I could attempt in Shepherd's Bush and blog about. I already want to do start a new feature I'm going to call BushTucker Trials (no brain cells were damaged in deciding that name), and Trial Number One will be a Falafel-off (try saying that before your morning cup of tea) in an attempt to identify my favourite falafel outlet in Shepherd's Bush. You also may or may not know I'm committed to a long term challenge of finding the best curry in W12, but I am always open to more challenges and ideas from fellow Bush-ites. 

The more I write this blog, the more I realise that we W12 (and periphery) residents share one very important quality: our sense of humour. I want us to share and enjoy this on this blog (yeah maybe exploiting it a little bit) but most of all I want to make sure that this shines through to those who don't "get" why we choose to live here, and enjoy doing so.

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