Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Let's get together?

After a successful first tweet up last month it's happening again. Please do come along and meet up with other local people who live and love (most of the time) Shepherd's Bush.

Date: Thursday 27th January 2011
Time: 8:00 pm and beyond
Location: The Goldhawk, 122-124 Goldhawk Road, W12 8HH - A small area has been reserved and, based on our last visit, the ale, red wine and nachos approved of.
Suggested initial topics of discussion
  • West12 Morrisons' unique level of customer service (again)
  • What do you consider to be the worst thing on W12 streets; chicken bones, dog poo or saliva?
  • Westfield: Friend or foe?
  • Goldhawk Road v. Uxbridge Road: Discuss
  • (Inspired by/robbed off @matsmithphotog) Boris bikes in Shepherd's Bush: Would they really be  more than just chewing gum receptacles, ashtrays and graffiti easels?
Bring any friends, lovers, partners or vague associates along. I am in the process of persuading Mo to join in so be gentle with her if she does show her lovely face. Any questions or if you need more information drop me an email.

See you next Thursday.

Bird x


  1. pray the helicopter don't crash, the train don't derail and the bus don't blow a tyre and i should, all things willing, be there.

  2. Billy - Totes. Wickeds.

    Bree - Keeping my fingers, toes and possibly legs crossed all means of transport will get you to us x

  3. Gutted I can't be there. Am trying to send the husband to represent the ILMP empire on my behalf. If any attendees want to buy a postcode t-shirt I'll give them a 25% discount. And free P&P, natch! x

  4. I'm going now. But I will mostly be talking about myself rather than the agreed agenda. Okay? Thanks.