Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Keep on Running...

I am currently training for a half marathon. Having just returned from my first "official" training run, I am now sweatily aware that I am going to need more than a decent pair of trainers and some banging tunes to get me around 13.1 miles.

This won't actually be my first half marathon. Over the last five years I have completed the Reading Half and the Great North Run (2hrs15min and 2hrs6min respectively) and I have done a hat trick of 10 mile Great South Runs, the last one in all-in-one lycra with my wonderful friend, Bobby (see embarrassing evidence below).

I stopped signing up for more runs 18 months ago for two reasons; 1. I developed a persistently painful case of ITB syndrome and 2. I realised that I just don't enjoy running that much and would rather spend my time doing other things.

However a group of friends, including flatmate Mo, and the extra kilos I have gained since reducing regular runs have recently persuaded me to do the Reading Half Marathon... again.*

Seeing as this is my blog, I'm going to darn well use it; to track any kind of progress, to outpour my suffering and to give me another reason to run. So with 74 days to go here starts a diary of me, miles and my love-hate relationship with running. (NB I will not blog every run I do. I actually like my readers.)

Training Run 1

Distance: 3.2 miles
Time: No way brave enough to time this yet, but according to songs played on my Run Rabbit playlist, approximately 35 minutes (SLOW!)
Area covered: Shepherd's Bush - Hammersmith - Askew Road - Home-Sweet-Home.
Weather: Drizzle for shizzle.
Playlist: Friendly Fires, A-Ha, Miike Snow, Empire of the Sun, MSTRFRFT, Ben Westbeech, T2, The Futureheads.
Comments: Surprisingly comfortable most of the way round. Flashdanced over water leak on Shepherd's Bush Road. Wobbly pace on Askew Road. Small jog-asm near KFC on Uxbridge Road. Dreading upping speed and distance already.

* Having done all the aforementioned tortures, I mean, runs for Cancer Research or Marie Curie Cancer Care, I will definitely be running it for charity but to date we haven't all been able to decide on a cause as a group. I am therefore actually researching a local Shepherd's Bush project or cause that I can run for on me tod. Any ideas or suggestions would be gratefully received!

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