Friday, 7 January 2011

Keep on Running... Training Run 2

Distance: 4 miles, around 500m of which was much slower due to NewMan (a.k.a The Pace Killer) calling.
Time: 41 minutes (2 minutes of which was panting on phone to NewMan ...not like that...honest)
Area covered: Shepherd's Bush Green to Lancaster Gate tube station and back again.
Weather: A nearly tropical 11 degrees, lots of "slippery when wet" pavements after a full day of rain.
Playlist: A-Trak, Milton Hamilton, The Jam, Mis-Teeq (Yep that's right, "M with the I with The S-T double E Q"), Marina & The Diamonds, Fats Domino.
Comments: Managed the uphill stretch to Notting Hill very well. Dead legs for last mile. Spurred me on seeing other people consuming (drinking, eating etc). Note to self - must stretch more or will lose my super bendy hip flexors.

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