Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Keep on Running... Training Run 12

Distance UPDATED: Have re-mapped this including the ins and outs of Thames Path and the total distance was 6.4 miles aka MORE THAN 10k! Woo hoo! (Pass me the cake...)
Time: Forgot to time properly but it was agreed to be about (and certainly no more than) 1 hour.
Area covered: Shepherd's Bush - Hammersmith - Thames Path to Putney Bridge - Fulham Palace Road back to Hammersmith - Shepherd's Bush Road home to Bush Sweet Bush.
Weather: Nice and mild (unlike my temper!)
Playlist: "Sorry I'm going slow", "God I'm so unfit", "I really hate running", "Seriously, why can't I do this", "I fucking hate running!", "I'm not sure I can do this,", "Have we run 10k yet?" lyrics and moaning all by Bird in the Bush.
Comments: For some odd reason I have never liked running with people. So after years of on-off lone running and consistently avoiding taking a running partner, I have virtually developed a phobia of running with someone else. However I really need to get over this as I hope to train and do the race with some good mates. The first poor guinea pig in my running partner therapy was one of my new Shepherd's Bush twitter buddies Darren. He also happens to be a former semi professional athlete who regularly cycles 100s of kilometres and I have now learnt is certainly no snail when it comes to running either. He is also officially one of the most patient and pleasant people I have met. I cursed, complained and moaned most of the way; so much so that he very seriously asked me if I was going to hit him, twice. I didn't nor did I even actually want to. Even though I truly hated running with a very fit someone else at a different pace and on a different route (and with a new blister growing quickly on an old blister) I knew once it was all over I would feel good for it. This alone spurred me on and I "found another gear" for the last kilometre. And I do feel good for it. Thank you Darren, though I still can't believe you've agreed to come for another run with me!


  1. You are shaming me into going for a run. I hate running so much but I have a wedding dress to buy and another three stone (three gone already) to shift before I do so. I need a Darren too.

  2. Bloody 'ell love - Congrats on losing 3 stone! That's an awesome achievement! I really hate running too - hence having to write about it and name and shame myself makes me keep going... Feel free to keep me posted via Comments on your progress if that keeps you motivated...

    Keep on running x