Sunday, 16 January 2011

I hope you don't mind, that I've put down in words...

About a week ago I told NewMan about this here little blog of mine. At first he didn't want to read it, choosing the ignorance is bliss approach. I think he also assumed the worst as I had explained he was fast becoming a mysterious protagonist which would most certainly contradict his stubborn preference to avoid any online limelight; the freak of social networking nature is not even on Facebook!

One evening some days later, having totally forgotten that I'd come out, I received a text from him simply saying "Haha, NewMan." I took this as a good sign, whilst simultaneously logging on to Blogger in a panic to check all references to him were indeed positive (but of course not too positive). Our work and social schedules took over and it wasn't until this morning over tea and toast that we began talking about the blog and this secret life I have as the Bird in the Bush. I was shocked by his reaction. He was not only complimentary ("It's good. You're funny" - high and very wordy praise for NewMan), but also supportive and encouraging, despite also mentioning the dirty word "monetise" more than a few times.

I have always said that actions speak louder than words and so when he then found and guided me through the registration process, I didn't need much more convincing that not only did he approve of the blog, he was willing to do so for the immediate future. So thank you NewMan for my very own domain name, thank you for allowing me to continue to mention you, and thank you for agreeing to come with me as I try out more Shepherd's Bush bars, restaurants and shops ("Free food? Awesome."). But most of all, I thank you for effectively now publicly agreeing to be the best boyfriend ever or risk being named and shamed, logged and blogged faster than it takes an unprepared shopper in West12 Morrisons to lose the will to live.

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