Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Do you come from a land down under?

Happy Australia Day!! Shepherd's Bush is well established as a home from home for Australians and so I wish all Aussies celebrating Australia Day the very best day (and night, as I'm sure we will all witness in your magical form of fancy dress).

Also I wanted to bring to everyone's attention that there is a fundraising event at the Shepherd's Bush Walkabout on Saturday 29th January in aid of the floods that have devastated Queensland and other parts of the country, so go along to celebrate and support if you can and of course if you don't mind your clothes (and integrity) being drenched in VB.

And finally I wanted to say a special Happy Australia Day and dedicate this video clip to NewMan; my most favourite Australian, after Kylie.

WARNING - this clip contains a fairly offensive gobby Australian woman (man, I love her) from one of Australia's finest exports Underbelly.

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