Friday, 24 December 2010

Talking 'bout my guy...

Many have asked why my current squeeze (the obstinate single girl in me still doesn't allow me to say boyfriend easily) is known as NewMan. Aside from the obvious, that he was once shiny and new, there are a few good reasons why I've kept the name. A few of these I will share.

1. He is still very new to me in the sense that he's completely unlike most men I've fancied, dated and kept coming back to. His personality and approach to life is refreshingly new and different and I like that.

2. He is a new man in the modern sense of the word; though I'd never say it to his face I applaud the way he gives me Tfl zones of space and encourages my independence and individual success (though we may have different opinions on how I should go about achieving it!)

3. More recently we have both come to laugh hilariously at Channel 4 show, Phone Shop, where one of the characters is nicknamed "New Man". NewMan is nothing like New Man, but it did make me smile knowingly to myself.

And here I am on the cusp of a New Year with NewMan... that is if he survives Christmas with my family in the 'burbs.

I couldn't embed the Phone Shop clip I wanted to post, but here's another sketch from what I also thought was a wickedly funny show. Enjoy...

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