Thursday, 2 December 2010

Picture This: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

There are those who love winter, those who hate winter and those who pretend to hate winter but secretly love it. I am one of the latter. Though I am a girl who can never be hot enough, I love the smells and sights of winter, especially when it snows. I think I also prefer the creativity of a winter wardrobe with layers, cozy fabrics, maximum comfort underwear and warm, fleecy socks over figure forgiving tights.

In recent years I think it's accurate to say we've seen more snow than I can remember, even as a young child when I lived much further north. Snow was a once every few or more years exciting event, not the twice or thrice a year pain-in-the-chilblains it now is. Even if it means I abandon heels, walk funny and still fall over, I love the snow. Maybe it's because I'm a snowboarder, maybe it's because I'm really still a big child but I have loved seeing Shepherd's Bush under a sprinkling of snow this year and last.

These photos were taken this morning after a night of snow that Mo and I walked home in after a cheeky mid-weekly night out. I am confident that later all this snow will be sludge and the Green will no longer be a calm white blanket, but an odd array of deformed snowmen.

Despite cold toes and cancelled trains, let's try and enjoy it while it lasts!

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  1. I love this. Makes the Bush look positively beautiful.