Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I'm coming out...

I am no longer anonymous, insofar as I have now "come out" to my flatmate Mo. I'm not sure why I decided to this evening over a pile of ironing and a glass of terrible wine (a gift from a friend I probably won't be coming out to anytime soon if she keeps making offerings like that!).

It needed to be done, I think. She may have started to think me odd(er) for taking so many pictures of general Shepherd's Bush scenes on my phone and for generally being overly enthusiastic about all things W12. I think she also deserves to have the right to say "you can blog about this" or not as the case may be as unlike my former flatmate we do actually enjoy venturing out into the Bush together. I've also recently started to wonder if it's time I needed some real life quality control as you virtual lot are worryingly too nice and complimentary about this here blog.

So hello to you Mo! I hope you enjoy reading and don't mind the occasional reference to your very fair self. I hope you like (and "get") your affectionate nickname and continue to enjoy being referred to occasionally as I may refer to our future Bush adventures.

(Please don't move out!) x

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