Tuesday, 2 November 2010

If we took a holiday...

Hey there Bush fans... I am on holiday from tomorrow in a far away place for a few weeks. This holiday will be a first of many things for me:

* My first time in Asia
* The first time NewMan and I spend more than 3 days together not to mention two long-haul flights (gulpus massiveus).
* Our first time on holiday with another couple (but they're my friends so that's ok, well for me at least).

I had wanted to get some quick blog posts in before I went, one about the comedy night at Ginglik and another about the curry that Mo and I had after said comedy gig in Shepherd's Bush (we seriously exercised our stomach muscles that night!), but work and narrowing down 2 wardrobes to just 20kg of luggage has taken over my time and energy. I promise to have these and some tales of my holiday posted as soon as I can upon my return.

That is of course counting on NewMan not drowning me in the India Ocean and me managing to avoid death by chicken satay.

Have a great few weeks and look after the Bush for me...

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