Monday, 22 November 2010

I love to laugh, loud and long and clear...

In the early stages of this blog I reviewed a very good comedy night in Shepherd's Bush called Knock2bag. Nearly a year on I decided I was in serious need of a laugh again and so a few weeks ago flatmate Mo (the nice new one) and I made our way to the comedy night in one of Shepherd's Bush's premium night spots, the converted subterranean Edwardian public convenience (i.e. old underground toilets) that is Ginglik.

I want to review Ginglik as a venue on another occasion. I've found myself under Shepherd's Bush Green on a number of drunken Friday nights. As a result I appear to have about 4 separate Pay as You Go Ginglik Membership cards (including one in a completely unfamiliar name) but I will have to be honest when I say I fail to have a solid enough recollection of the time (and money) spent there. However that is hopefully soon to change; Mo and I are planning to have our Christmas night out there in a few weeks (lazy, us? yes sir!). I will endeavour to stay sober enough to take in some of the atmosphere, alcoholic beverages and music selection for blogging purposes.

So back to LaughatGinglik, the regular comedy night held at Ginglik every fortnight. Mo and I got there in good time and with good seats and drinks secured we waited for our laughing muscles to be exercised. Readers can rightly assume that I have a sense of humour that borders on, nay sinks deeply in to, the dirty and filthy side. I can laugh about most things. Mo on the other hand I wasn't too sure about despite knowing her most of my life. She is one of my most ladylike friends (admittedly this isn't too hard a title to hold) and neither curses nor makes filth-filled-innuendos in haste. That said she always laughs when I do and not always out of her charming natural politeness. In fact the more time we spend living together the more I realise she does have an "edge" to her sense of humour and our night at LaughatGinglik pretty much confirmed it.

The theme of the night was sketch comedy and all acts did indeed abide by this in a variety of different ways. There were 6 acts in total and in a change to the original schedule the night was hosted by the very funny duo Allnut & Simpson (seriously I wonder if the pairing of one fat smiley bloke and one odd looking skinny bloke will ever fail - apart from Corden & Horne of course). Mo and I managed to get a laugh out of every act and actually for one of the acts we appeared to be the only two in the audience laughing (more out of nervousness than anything else - Nathan Dean Williams' monologue of an Aspergers-esque son who relays tales of sexual harassment at the hands of dinner ladies to his mother - a blow-up doll whose breast he strokes throughout the sketch - did invite laughter more out of disbelief than humour). A favourite for us both was Nick Mohammed whose slick performance of a number of different characters was broad, accurate and convincing. I personally enjoyed Late Night Gimp Fight whose comedy was slightly closer to the bone or on occasion more sensitive bone marrow. We both enjoyed The Unexpected Items, a foursome who worked well together but with strong individual performances including a very talented young lady (probably younger than me) whose literary version of Britney Spears' Womanizer had me belly-laughing. Their other sketches included this one, "Gap Yah" which I've since learnt has a cult student following.

Ginglik was an excellent host; not too big, not too small, manageable queues for both bar and loos (despite the Ladies becoming Unisex by the management halfway through the night). I also have to say my future review of Ginglik may already be biased as one of the barmen kept giving me some of his pistachio nuts (and this is not one of my afore mentioned filthy innuendos) every time I ordered more drinks.

Each and every time I go to a comedy night not only am I reminded that I have stomach muscles but also that laughter genuinely is one of the best things for the soul. I'm sure there's a reason for it probably to do with the right hormones getting to the right places, but I always feel a little lighter and a lot more positive about life after I've spent nearly two hours non-stop laughing. For this reason I have no doubt I'll get my laughing gear to LaughatGinglik again in the near future, and I recommend you do the same too.

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  1. While we at Ginglik are very happy you had a good time at our venue and thank you for the lovely review, the night you were at was actually Sketchercise, not Laugh. Sketchercise is a monthly sketch comedy event and Laugh is our fortnightly stand up comedy night. Laugh is an in house promoted night (let me know if you would like to come and review another time) and Sketchercise is a night booked, promoted and hosted by David Simpson of Allnutt and Simpson. Both nights will have you exercising those laugh muscles though.