Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Feels like home...

I am back in Shepherd's Bush after a lovely long warm and indulgent break in South East Asia. Despite a peskily persistent case of jet lag, I feel relaxed, energized and have a new sense of focus. I also have a spanking tan and a lovely caramel tint to my hair which would usually cost me around £80.00 to achieve. At the high risk of stating the obvious, I have always loved holidays but it is only in my more recent (financially) independent but work-commitment-heavy years that I truly appreciate them.*

There are many reasons why I love holidays:

- It often means uninterrupted time with those you love most (or fancy most, i.e. NewMan) - a surprisingly rare priority in our lives.

- Rest is good for our souls. We cannot and should not run on empty. Take or make time to recharge your batteries.

- It's very cancerous-ly incorrect, but God I love bathing in the sun, being coated in a warmth that soothes away niggling worries..

- ...and white bits can provide no end of amusement.

- If you're abroad you get to experience new things, be it culinary delights or foreign social customs. (It's apparently perfectly normal in Malaysia to purposefully shut doors behind you; in the face of anyone behind you being optional.)

- You break all your own rules: you sleep in alarm-free, you eat what you want when you want and you enjoy alcoholic beverages at any time of the day you wish (just me?)

- You have time to think, and you have time to not think.

- You get to come home. Even if home is a foggy, cold Shepherd's Bush in November where the only golden glow to be seen is in the fallen leaves covering the pavement and the skeletal trees on the Green stand as bare as my white bits. It's home.

*If you feel a swell of jealousy building up and you are grimacing at the audacity of this post, can I kindly ask you to remember I am a single woman in her 20s who works bloody hard (and have done pretty much since I was 15 years old) and right now I am fortunate enough to be free of money-sapping mortgages or offspring. Apparently, and despite my current best intentions, this may not last forever. Also when the world ends and everything crumbles down I will be alone, homeless and penniless (but nicely tanned and rested). (If you're still feeling a smidge jealous, please don't - look at my freakishly long toes in the above picture - 10 long thin peanut-toe burdens I have to bear everyday!)

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  1. You can`t beat a bit of sleet and snow though i can tell you!