Wednesday, 27 October 2010

When will I, will I be famous?

Due to work commitments over the last few weeks, my average twitter log-in rate has decreased from approximately every 17 minutes to maybe two or three times a day, but I was very glad to log in this afternoon and see that Shepherd's Bush (or Shepherds Bush as twatter can't cope with apostrophes) was a trending topic. And look even John Prescott is getting involved!

Even more bizarrely, yet of course completely fitting to us odd balls who choose to live in the W12 area, it was all because of a uncanny and unnerving sighting of a bloke taking the bus through our fair hub of activity...


Saturday, 23 October 2010

Too cool for school?

Shepherd's Bush is not short of pubs. It even now features a few wine bars and if you include Westfield, a champagne bar. However apart from the award winning
Princess Victoria that all Bush dwellers should be proud of, we are not a corner of London one flocks to for a pint, unless you are a QPR fan or domino-playing man of a certain age.*

In some ways this is perhaps why The Defectors Weld could feel or look a bit out of place in Shepherd's Bush as it tries to cash in on the gastro-pub-full-of-badly-refurbed-antique-furniture-and-over-sized-lampshades breed of boozers that has now taken over London. I'll be honest I'm a bit bored of it and these days find myself more inspired by old man pubs untouched by a checked shirt or a pretentious fashion student. However Defectors Weld was the pub of choice for my flatmate Mo's twenty-something-th'ed birthday last week. You wouldn't see me arguing, as I get older I certainly have greater appreciation of a short walk home and tried and tested take away options. But I've never fully warmed to The Defectors Weld or found myself sinking into the ripped half stuffed leather sofas not wanting to be anywhere else in the world.

For one thing it appears to be staffed only by trendy East Londoners who seem thoroughly pissed off to be at the wrong end of the Central Line. Secondly it's not a cheap pub. Thirdly ,they have taken the thrown-out-furniture feel a little too far. (NewMan and I went there recently for a Sunday afternoon of rude word Scrabble and a bottle of rouge only to find the only available table was wobbly, I got a splinter from my wooden rickety chair and apparently toilet seats in the Ladies were optional).

Having said all the above, I don't hate the place and actually think it's a nice addition to the other Bush Boozers and is selfishly slightly closer to my abode than my personal favourites, The Goldhawk and The Crown & Sceptre. One plus side is that it appears to have evolved into a BBC pub and this brings in famous-ish people (I once saw Christine Bleakley - have just about recovered) and occasionally enough drunk producers in dated il-fitting T-Shirts who want to buy you drinks. I am yet to test the DJ's skills on a Friday or Saturday night or in fact the kitchen's offerings, but I have no doubt I will darken the doors of The Defectors Weld on many more occasions in the future, even if just to smile extra sweetly and promote the merits of the Bush to the sullen East London wannabe bar staff.

* A regular sight every Shepherd's Bush resident should enjoy seeing at The Prince, 77 Goldhawk Road.