Thursday, 23 September 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

(... which is the title of a fairly lovely Bright Eyes song if you're interested)

A year ago on Saturday I began this blog. The aim was to document bits and bobs about me and my experiences of living in Shepherd's Bush. I wasn't quite sure where it was going to go or how long it was going to last (or on reflection how many dates I'd go on or how many Bagel Bites I'd eat) but if I'm honest only a small part of me expected it to still be going after 12 months. Nor did I anticipate how much I would enjoy it.

To celebrate I will be eating home made cakes like these and I'll be writing a long list of things I wanted to blog about a year ago that I still haven't.

Because I now have at least three readers I would also like you to leave a little comment telling me what in the Bush (and beyond) I should go see, go do, go eat, go experience and then I will blog about it.


  1. Happy Birthday Birdie Blog! I guess there are a few stories that might emerge from the tweets you RT about the Bush... there are some very different angles, people come from different head spaces as well as places when they visit or come to live here.
    Eating your way down the Uxbridge Road could be a good venture! There's the famous Falafel place, the Roti Hut, a Greek Taverna, a very long established Thai restaurant, the Nepalese Tandoori where OJ will make you very welcome, and just round the corner the Cupboard Café full of home made cakes and sophisticated snacks. Wotcha think?? BTW this is @Margybargy, who knows why Blogger picked an old account name...

  2. Happy Birthday birdie! Congrats on the anniversary of the blog, it has been a very entertaining read. Keep up all the good work representin' W12. So suggestions on where to go? You may well have been already, but how about Albertine Wine Bar on Wood Lane? They do a rather good cheese platter to go with their extensive wine list. Or if clubbing is your thing and you feel adventurous, cross the border into W14 and checkout the Blag Club in Russell Gardens - walking distance from the Bush and refreshingly different from places like the Defectors Weld or Ginglik. If you have mates on the inside or can blag your way in, the bar in Shepherds Studios isn't bad - kind of with a student union vibe, it has a pool table though! Or if celeb schmoozing is your thing, it has to be the K-West after hours. I've also been quite liking The Bull in the Westfield. Decent clean pub, with two bars, loads of space and good food. Anyway, keep up the good work. How about organising a tweetup amongst the #bushw12 fraternity in one of our many fine drinking establishments soon?

  3. happy 12 months! keep counting in months, it makes it seem even longer.

    the list of w12 and border-w14 attractions are pretty endless but if you've not yet done a slow sunday lunch at the havelock yet, do, or had a scrabble tourney at the bird in hand, do also.

    pierogi at the patio is aces, esarn kheaw on the uxbridge road is the best thai in the city, spend a little bit on a lot of stuff at damas gate, have a kebab from king solomon and some ice cream from fouberts on turnham green terrace (i like to push the boundaries out a bit).

    read the saturday papers on the ravenscourt park lawns, walk down wingate road and get blinded by the coloured terraces before eating too many oysters at the anglesea arms, then stroll home through brackenbury village and hit up raj of india on shepherds bush road for some most excellent curry and naan. and kingfisher on tap.

    hmmm. lots of food. also, the charity shops are a boon for us all.

    i love the bush. i've lived in w12, 4 and 14 for nigh on ten years now, and have even convinced mr bree of its charms, he being a resolute south of the river boy.

  4. To buck the trend talking about food what about the SHOPS of the Bush (not Westfield!)