Monday, 9 August 2010

Tag team, back again...

On Friday something quite nice happened. As I ploughed through emails and cups of tea and set my sights on the weekend I was tweeted by Bush Bloke Stewart Birch who asked me if it was worth creating a Shepherd's Bush hash tag for all the Shepherd's Bush tweeters/twits. After opening it up to my Followers for their wise opinions a healthy amount of twee-scussion ensued. We finally agreed on #bushw12 and already it is working nicely.

Not only was I encouraged by the immediate support by my fellow Bush Twit(terer)s in going one step further to create a cyber community for online Bush Belles and Blokes, but I was also reminded that I am by no means the only one who feels moved enough to observe, comment and share their thoughts on Shepherd's Bush.

I've regularly used Twitter as a way to both research local news and events and to gauge people's thoughts and opinions about the W12 area of London. Be it good, bad or ugly every day someone, somewhere has tweeted something about Shepherd's Bush and that makes me smile. Hopefully this will continue, so please do use the #bushw12 hash tag and let's keep sharing Shepherd's Bush.

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  1. Hoorah, I'm still rather excited about it all. Use it to look for what's happening all the time.