Saturday, 3 July 2010

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours...

Recently I was a bit poorly sick and as with most things I shouldn't really share, I tweeted about it. My 140 character laments focused on my pain, anguish and suffering and the fact I couldn't get a doctor's appointment for love nor money nor begging.

Almost immediately I had several Followers tweeting me sympathy and even one charming guy offered up his doctor's appointment if my need was greater than his. I even have had people check in with me since to see how I am - my own mother has showed less concern! It made me realise that despite being a local little voice in the community with this blog I don't actually know or socialise with that many people in the immediate vicinity. Add that to the fact that I barely communicate with my flat mate, the sympathy (tw'ympathy?) I received online did go someway to soothing the pain.

As the summer sun continues to shine on Shepherd's Bush and more people venture out on to the Green I have been feeling occasionally sad I don't really actually know any of them, though this should potentially be seen as a positive bearing in mind the Green's regulars. Furthermore it's pretty accurate to say that recently not many of my friends have eagerly flocked (get it?) to Shepherd's Bush to soak up the sun and beer outside the Goldhawk or on the Stinging Nettle's roof terrace. And if I'm honest with myself I know that the NewMan wouldn't be making regular trips to W12 if I wasn't having sex with him.Instead more often than not I'm pulled away to various other corners of London's Zones 1 and 2 to enjoy the sunshine and miss the Bush.

This isn't a begging post for friends as many of my Tw'amily (Twitter family, duh!) have suggested meet-ups and pub quizes and on one uncomfortable occasion much, much more, all of which I have politely declined at the fear that the real Bird will disappoint. This is more just an observation that I find it sad that I don't have regular face-to-face catch ups or cups of tea with someone or a few someones who live locally. I think this is a classic symptom of young London living when you live where you can afford and you make the wrong assumption that if a friend lives in London too that's local enough even though it actually means an hour on bus or few tubes to get there, which makes it more of a massive mission meet-up than a quick casual catch up.

I know I can't force friendship on local people nor can I force my friendships to become more local. (I certainly can't keep having sex with everyone just so they visit me.) So instead I will stick with my Tw'amily and maybe I will take up one or two of their tw'offers of a tw'eet up. How do you take your tea Shepherd's Bush?


  1. hola. newish reader, virgin commenter.

    as a non-english nearly-decade long w12&surrounds resident i can understand the love-but-lonely type thing you describe.

    i hope you've found other aces things here in the bush, things like the albertine, the havelock (technically w14 i know), wingate street terraces and the secret bits of ravenscourt park.

    am jealous of your balcony view, it's one i live at ground level, rather than above.

  2. Welcome bree and thank you for popping your commenting cherry!

    Some very good suggestions there for things to do and see around the Bush...

    Thank you for reading, please continue to do so.

    Love, Bird x

    P.S. Yes I have a wonderful view that I will sadly miss when I move out in a month.