Monday, 3 May 2010

You've got to fight for your right to party...

This week is the week when Britain votes. Or rather, I hope that a majority of those registered to vote get off their backsides and proudly practise their historically hard earned right to vote. I have hesitated to blog too much about the local campaign but one thing I am passionate about is encouraging my W12 neighbours to get up and vote on Thursday. In the same vein as the Independent's recent advertising campaign - not being assed isn't going to decide the election, but you voting will.

In (Hammersmith and) Shepherd's Bush despite recent televised Leaders' Debates and local Lib Dem candidates potentially canvassing otherwise, the election is a two horse race - though I wouldn't be quick to call either of the candidates horses.

Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey and the current Labour MP Andy Slaughter have both been campaigning hard with a suitable amount of predictable mud-slinging and they've both had regular alternating stints outside the Underground station (shame, I think a West Side Story leaflet-off would have cheered up my morning slump to work no end) and I really am quite interested in how Thursday is going to shape this area that I love, so here are our options people:

Over to Shaun...

And now Andy - who doesn't have a campaign video as such but I thought this worthy of view (and doesn't have same
awful dance music Shaun Bailey apparently likes to ride around town listening to. In fact I'd secretly like to think that
Andy gets the bus).

I actually tweeted Mr Slaughter on why I'd only received a fraction of Labour "bumph" compared to the Tory influx of mail on virtually a daily basis. He replied saying it was because they had much less money than the Tories and perhaps this also meant no campaign video. Which I think is a shame but having viewed Mr Bailey's a number of times I'm starting to think this may not be that bad a move!

Anyway, I must stop before I show my true colours, or colour.

Happy voting Shepherd's Bush.

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  1. ..and if people want to see more they can look at a loccal blog that has been covering the election in more detail. In fact Andy's video is taken from my blog here -

    Happy voting..