Monday, 8 March 2010

Come crash into me...

I have seen some wonderfully odd things living in Shepherd's Bush. However I have never seen this before: a Lambourghini eskimo-kissing one of the trees on Shepherd's Bush Green. Nor do I think I will ever again. It is still uncertain what actually occurred here but what is certain is it caused a great deal of intrigue, excitement and photo-taking. It is almost unreal as anyone who has driven around the Green is lucky to go above 15mph, let alone move long enough to envisage losing control. All I have to say is: poor, poor tree.

Thank you for pics to local journalist and my current number one Bush spy Bryce Elder and also an unknown photographer who I hope won't mind me including his excellent pictures.

This post is for all of us Bush residents who can only dream of driving a Lambourghini let alone ramming one into a tree on Shepherd's Bush Green.

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