Monday, 9 November 2009

All the small things... Location

I am hereby starting an on-going list of all the small and not so small things I love about Shepherd's Bush.

1. Location, Location, Location.

It is in Zone 2 (for anyone that thinks this is no big deal try commuting from/affording trains from Zone 5 for a week not to mention the drunken run for last train this entails).

It is a 17 minute bus ride to Oxford St (and 31 seconds, approximately).

It is 21 minutes on the Central Line to the trendy bendy sites of East London (if you really wanted to/had to).

It is walking distance from the River Thames (get off your arses and walk people - worth it on a sunny day and you're wearing sunglasses so Thames does look quite so poo brown).

It is a mile and a bit away from the M4 which on the right day at the right time can take you well out of la-la-la-London very quickly (which, dig deep and admit it, we all need sometimes) and on a lucky day at a lucky time you are in Heathrow within 30 mins (on a normal day it will take you this long to get off M4 at Jct 4).

And that's enough of the geography lesson for today...

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