Friday, 25 September 2009

A mush from Shepherd's Bush.....Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush

This isn't die-hard painfully trendy, up and coming (still?!) East London. It isn't where the beautiful graduates of Clapham live. And though it is West London it isn't Maida Vale, Hampstead or Notting Hill. This is Shepherd's Bush. It is black and it is white, and every colour in between. It is full of mixtures and mixing, character and charm, energy and potential. It hosts an abundance of Polish and Antipodeans and BBC workers (but not for long). It is unapologetically rough around all edges. It caters for the most extensive and satisfying people watching. It is the backdrop for sad and happy sights alike. And it is home.

I am not a writer, a journalist, nor am I a predictable Carrie Bradshaw wannabe (much). I am a virgin blogger (a vlogger if you like). And I am totally enthused, inspired, stimulated, delighted and only infrequently a little dismayed by where I live and the things I do.

And I care to share....

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