Monday, 28 September 2009

Knowing Me, Knowing You...

I am Bird. I am female. I am twenty-something, but certainly not twenty-nothing. I have lived in Shepherd's Bush since 2007. Over two years later I still marvel at the many benefits this Zone 2 hub of activity boasts; the transport links in and out of town, the 24 hour groceries and chaos of Uxbridge Road, the Irish Meat Market (I was disappointed when I realised this is actually a butchers shop) not to mention Shepherd's Bush Market, the fabric shops of Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's Bush Empire and of course recession-defying Westfield.

I also continue to be surprised and intrigued by how many so-called odd balls and "characters" accumulate here (and not just the winos on the Green). At the risk of sounding far from politically correct I'm talking about the unwashed, poorly dressed but incredibly well spoken man in the Post Office queue a few weeks ago who loudly told himself all about his recent trip to Germany, and the woman who wears very little in February and walks into bars openly offering hand jobs for money, or the sweet black blind man who nearly every day walks down my road arm in arm and deep in conversation with a young white guy. They interest, shock, amuse, disturb and sadden me in equal measure. But they play an unexpectedly important role in my life. They bring me back down to earth with a thump. I believe every young, middle-class, fortunate, la-la-la-London-loving, Home Counties raised citizen of the world needs that on a regular basis.

Moving on (i.e. back to me), I work outside of London, am very single, have wonderful friends and family (who are all far too sensible to want to be blogged about so therefore their identities will be hidden with silly names) and I spend far too much money and time on having fun.

And that's all you're getting. For now...

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